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Composting and Mulching
By roger Garrett

Are you getting tired of these cold and gray days?   Think positive dude, because before you know it a spectacular Spring day will be upon us, and you will take that first Spring inspection of the yard.  This is always a pleasant task, and the perfect time to turn over a new (old) leaf.  I mean it is time to get serious about using the natural nutrients already in place to help build and sustain a healthy garden and lawn.  Americans spend billions of dollars every year on fertilizers, while at the same time diligently removing every bit of natural fertilizer which is already in place.  

In the summer, we go to great lengths to remove all grass clippings from our lawns, and in the Fall we once again put in the extra effort getting all the leaves down to the street, rather than mulching them back into the lawn.  At this point the City spends thousands of dollars hauling these leaves away.  What a great waste of time, money, and material.  Its time to get serious about mulching and composting.  You will have better looking and healthier lawns and gardens, your need for fertilizers and pesticides will drop dramatically, fewer chemicals will wash down the sewer and directly into Lake St. Clair, and both you and the City will save lots of money.  This is truly a no-brainer.  Need a little help getting started?  No problem.  Drop us a note at gppcoulter@aol.com and we will send you the information you need to become a happy mulcher and composter.